Nancy’s Journal: Merch Madness

Logos on merchandise


Hey, it’s Nancy here from soon-to-be world famous pop group Nancy and the Meerkats!

Our single sales are slowly getting better and so far we’ve made £100!

Joe wouldn’t let me spend it on any new collars though. He wanted to buy some stuff to let people know about Nancy and the Meerkats. T-shirts, mugs, pencil cases, toys and that sort of thing, all with our name on.

It helps spread the word about the band and also makes us some money along the way too! Problem is our little bit of cash wasn’t enough to get the tees made.

So we sparked up a deal with a merchandising company. These organisations are given permission to use the band’s name and images like the logo and photographs to produce items for fans to buy.


Later on Joe revealed our new T Shirts and toys. They are brilliant! And Kitty Perry can’t steal our designs thanks to licensing.

We agree exactly what each company can make, which images and words they can use, for how long and also how the money is split.

They are the ONLY people who can make our stuff. We trade marked our band name and logo and we hold the copyright for the pictures so we are in charge of how these things are used.

Listen to this episode of Nancy and the Meerkats below…

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