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Registering trademarks: Why can’t I copy someone else’s name?

Nancy and The Meerkats investigate!

In the latest episode of Nancy and The Meerkats, Nancy’s helping Ed Shearling get into the music business!

Nancy’s a pop pup and with her backing band the Meerkats, they make one of the coolest dog and meerkat combos around.

On their rise to the top, Nancy has had to overcome a lot of intellectual property issues caused by her nemesis Kitty Perry, who’s tried to steal the band’s logo and copy their hit songs.

The band are now international superstars and helping one of their biggest fans start his own group – a sheep named Ed Shearling.

Of course, the first job of any band is to have a really catchy name!

Ed Shearling reckons he can use his own name but we all know there’s already a musician that has a very similar name to that…

You’re not allowed to use a name that might make people think you’re someone else, Nancy tells Ed. It’s all to do with intellectual property.

So long as there’s no chance your band name is confused with anyone else’s, everything’s okay…

Once you’ve hit on your unique name, you can register it as a trademark to make sure nobody else steals it – like Kitty Perry!

When you’ve registered it as a trademark, everything’s official and your name is protected!

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I bet some of you are budding pop stars, reading this!

Why don’t you have a crack at coming up with a cool band name – once you’ve done that, you’ll need to check online to see if it’s original.

That just means that no one else has had the same idea.

Don’t forget to tell us your band name ideas in the comments below!

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Discover something amazing! See what you can find...

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