Series 2, Episode 8: Fire Extinguishers

How do fire extinguishers work?

Bonjour! It’s Nancy here – from the soon-to-be world famous pop group Nancy and the Meerkats!

Nancy-1After our first record “Put Your Paws Up” became a massive hit, we’re off on a huge tour of the UK!

We haven’t quite made it to stadium status yet – some of the venues are more Weeny than Wembley – but I’m going to be letting you know what’s been going on each day in my journal for Fun Kids!

We’re now in Norfolk on the next leg of our sellout tour! Tonight’s gig was brilliant although there was a bit of a problem after the show…

You see, I was trying to make a few bacon and jam butties for the band – it’s my very own invention you know!

Well, the trick is to get the bacon extra specially crispy although I might have been accidentally sizzling a little bit more than bacon…

I was cooking the curtains too!

Suddenly the whole thing went up in flames! Ah non!

Luckily Big Joe was on hand with a fire extinguisher or who knows what would’ve happened!

Afterwards he was telling us that a really early type of fire extinguisher was invented way back in 1723 – nearly three hundred years ago!

A bloke called Ambrose Godfrey came up with the idea. His main job was to make a very flammable chemical – flammable means it catches fire easily and so he needed a handy way to put out fires!

Apparently the sort we use today which has gas squeezed inside was invented by George William Manby of Norfolk – just round the corner from our concert!

Georgie saw firemen struggling to put out fires and thought a portable way to do the job would solve the problem!

I think his fire extinguisher is a rather more successful invention than my bacon and jam butties!

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