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Sharing on the Internet: Music parodies, memes, and cyber bullying.

Nancy and The Meerkats investigate!

In the penultimate episode of Nancy and The Meerkats, the band is learning all about the internet and rules about sharing online!

Ed Shearling stumbles upon a Kitty Perry cover of his song – made into an internet meme!

Is Kitty Perry allowed to do that? Nancy’s Musical Box has the answer.

First thing’s first, before you upload any blogs, videos or songs to the internet, you need to remember that everything you put on the internet is there forever.

It can be hard to remove content once it’s out there, so first things first – never upload anything that might embarrass you later!

Remember, you also own everything that you make. It’s all to do with intellectual property.

Whether it’s words you’ve written on your blog or a video posted on YouTube or a song you’ve upload – if you created it, you own the copyright.

It’s fine for other people to link to these things if they’re posted on a public website – after all, the internet is great for sharing stuff – but people aren’t allowed to copy anything without your permission

However, if it’s intended to be a joke, the rules are slightly different…

To make a funny imitation of something is allowed – it’s something called parody. But the rules are very clear that you mustn’t be mean or cause harm – and a parody can’t contain large amounts of the original content.

Hurting people’s feelings is always wrong, and on the internet this is known as cyber bullying.

If you’ve uploaded something and people are being mean about it, you should always tell an adult – and don’t be mean back!

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If you love making music why not have a crack at recording a video of your own songs?

You can use most tablets and smart phones to make recordings – or just even put on a show for your brothers and sisters! Be safe though and don’t post anything online that breaches copyright – and remember to get your parent’s permission first!

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Discover something amazing! See what you can find...

More From Fun Kids Learn