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Physics Week – Liquids

Liquids are everywhere!

Just think about where you might find liquids in your house.  There are liquids found in the tap, fruit juice and milk in the fridge, mouthwashis a liquid, and don’t forget about the mercury in the thermometer – all of those are liquids..

So liquids are everywhere, but what else do we know about them?

The surface of a liquid in a container stays level even when the container is tipped (you can see this when you move a glass of water)

Liquids stay level – and liquid can change shape to fit the container it’s in.

All liquids can be turned into a gas – you’ve just got to find its boiling point. For example water boils at 100 degrees and turns into steam.

Heating something solid can make it turn into a liquid – this is called melting. And if you turn it into a solid it’s called freezing.

You can keep freezing and melting some liquids over and over again. Try it out if you want with an ice lolly, although it’s tastier just eating it!.

Fun Facts

  1. You might think of fluids being liquid but in physics gases are fluids too!
  2. Boats and shapes have similar shapes because they are subject to similar physical forces.
  3. When he had the idea about density and water displacement, Archimedes jumped out of the bath and ran with no clothes on through the streets of the town, shouting Eureka!”

Amazing facts about water…

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Physics Week

Find out all about Physics in our Physics Week section