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Hallux’s Miraculous Medicine

How are medicines made and what do they do?


Hallux’s Physiology Fix-Up

Physiology is all about how the body works and moves!

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Professor Hallux Looking Inside the Human Body

How do we see inside the human body without surgery?


Professor Hallux’s Pathology Puzzles

Learn all about solving medical mysteries!


Hallux’s Heart Beat

How does your heart pump blood around the body?

Hallux’s i-Guide

How do your eyes work? What are the different parts of your eyes?

Professor Hallux’s Map of Medicine

What do the different people in medicine all do?

Professor Hallux’s Happy Health Helpdesk

Hallux answers all your human body questions!

Professor Hallux’s Guide to Skin

What is skin made of? How do you keep it healthy?

Professor Hallux Builds a Body

What are the different bits that make up a body?

Marina Ventura’s Ocean Adventure

Why are the oceans so important to life on Earth?

Marina Ventura Inside Biology

Everything you want to know about biology!

Extreme Athletes Challenge

It’s humans versus animals – who will win?

Steve Backshall’s Amazing Predators

Learn about the most lethal animals on the planet!

Age of the Dinosaurs

Learn about the Cretaceous and Jurassic periods!

Fun Kids Guide to Birds

What are the different birds you can find in the UK?

Good Bugs Bad Bugs

What are microbes? Why are they so important?

Bene and Mal’s Demanding Dilemmas

Why are some things in science controversial?

Eco Gecko

Learn about how living things and the environment work together!


The Heart and Lung Hotline

Learn all about how to keep your heart and lungs healthy!


Kareena’s Chemistry

Kareena & K-Mistry explore the world of chemistry!

Kitchen Chemistry

Check out these experiments you can do at home!

Chemistry and Art

Why is chemistry so important in art?


Deep Space High

Learn all about space, from solar systems to the Sun!

Curious Kate

Learn about electricity, solar polar and all the other ways we use energy!

Enn & Gee’s Energy Challenge

What is energy and why do we need it?

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Physics for Kids – light waves, sounds waves, water waves

Waves are all around us, some you can see and some you can’t!

Physics Week

What is physics? What do physicists do?


The Science of Christmas

How does Santa get around the world in one night?

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Fun Kids Learn

Discover something amazing! See what you can find...

More From Fun Kids Learn