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Techno Mum’s Tech Trivia: Durability

Welcome to Tech Trivia – the gameshow that tests the technical talents of our tremendous contestants!


Techno Mum is taking part in an exciting new quiz show which is testing her knowledge about how some of the coolest new tech discoveries came about – in this episode the topic is DURABILITY.

What is Durability and why is it important in technology?

DeWalt-DrillDurability is about how well something will last. Engineers need their products to be durable because those products have a job to do and have to be able to do it without breaking.

That’s super important where safety is involved – like medical implants that help keep people alive… and where it’s hard to get replacements or repairs – like in space or at in the middle of the oceans. 

Even everyday items need to be durable because it can be expensive – not to mention annoying, to have to keep buying replacements or get things repaired!

As well as choosing the materials and design carefully – another way that things can be made to “last” is by future proofing them – this means making sure they’re using new technologies which are expected to be around for a while – or can easily be upgraded.

What’s a career where you’d be thinking about durability?

599-1388_PI_TPS1969548What about a Console Games Tester? 

Did you know that there are people who are paid to test every part of them? 

Engineers call the area Quality Assurance.  Some will check the game itself – to check for bugs, but others will test the consoles – to make sure they can stand up to hours of play. 

Sometimes machines are used to press the buttons thousands of times because you’d get a pretty sore finger doing that yourself!

A cool innovation which helps products to be durable:

Graphene is pretty amazing!

It’s a very new material which is created in a laboratory. Made from carbon that’s only one atom thick – it’s the strongest material in the world.

It’s incredibly thin and flexible but unbelievably tough – engineers are excited about this stuff because it will help make simple items very durable indeed.

For example, at the moment touch screens on mobile phones and tablets use glass –  and we all know easily they can crack and shatter – and how annoying that is!  Graphene could be used with plastic to make screens that won’t break.

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Ever wondered how things work? Ask Techno Mum!

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