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Top 10 Easter Traditions Around the World!

Top 10 Easter Traditions from around the World

Easter is a popular holiday celebrated around the world. Each culture has its own unique traditions to commemorate this special day. From food to decorations, there are many interesting Easter traditions that vary by region. Here are 10 facts about Easter Traditions around the world that will give you a glimpse into how different cultures celebrate this beloved holiday. Each country has their own traditions from giant omelettes in France to Sweden’s Easter Witches.

1. In Jamaica they crack eggs on Good Friday that are said to predict the future.

Before sunrise on Good Friday in Jamaica there is an old tradition where you crack an egg and add the egg white to a glass of water.

As the rising sun heats the egg it makes patterns in the water. People believed these patterns could predict the way in which you will die.

2. In Central America they make art with sawdust on Good Friday.

These are called alfrombras and are made from colourful sawdust. You can see these in Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala.

3. It’s illegal to dance in Germany on Good Friday.

Dancing is prohibited on Good Friday in Germany. Nightclubs, where people would usually dance on Friday nights, are forced to close of risk being fined €1,000.

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4. In Sweden children dress up as Easter Witches on Easter Sunday.

Children in Sweden and Finland dress up as Easter Witches on Easter Sunday and go door-to-door with bunches of willow twigs. They will say a blessing which is said to drive away evil spirits and in return the children are given a chocolate egg. A rhyming blessing is recited to drive away evil spirits, and the children are often given a chocolate egg in return.

5. On Easter Sunday thousands of people go to the Vatican City to see the Pope.

On Easter Sunday, thousands of people go to St. Peter’s Square to hear the Pope’s blessing from the church’s balcony.

This is known as ‘Urbi et Orbi’ which means ‘To the city and to the world’.  

6. In Hungary, women dress up in traditional clothes on Easter Sunday and get splashed with water.

This tradition has happened since the second century AD, which means it is even older than Christianity.

7. InΒ Bermuda, people fly homemade kites on Good Friday.

It is believed that the tradition of flying kites started when a local teacher had trouble explaining Jesus’s resurrection to his Sunday school class, so he made a kite to explain the concept.

three kites under blue sky during daytime

8. There’s a town in France that make a giant omelette.

The people of Haux in France make an enormous omelet on Easter Monday.

They use over 4,500 eggs and feed up to 1,000 people. Each family breaks the eggs in their homes in the morning and then they come to the main square where the eggs are cooked for lunch.

9. All the Easter Eggs are red in Greece.

In Greece you will find only red eggs, not like the colourful eggs many countries including the U.K have.

The red is seen as representing the blood of Christ.

10. In the USA there is an egg roll at the White House every Easter Monday.

At the White House in America, where the president lives, an Easter egg roll is held on the lawn.

The tradition dates back to 1878 when Rutherford B Hayes was the president.

The First Lady, who is the president’s wife, normally runs the event and it is always held on Easter Monday.

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