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Top 10 Facts About Barbie!

Do you want to learn about Barbie? Well you've come to the right place! Check out these 10 facts...

Since her debut in 1959, Barbie has become one of the most iconic figures of all time. She has captured the hearts and imaginations of millions worldwide due to her glamorous fashion sense and diverse career choices, yet there is so much more to learn. Join us as we discover some of the Top 10 Facts about Barbie and her Dream World that you might not know.

1. Barbie was created by Ruth Handler and Jack Ryan.

Barbie was created by Mattel co-founder and American businesswoman Ruth Handler.

She was inspired by her daughters love for paper dolls and decided to create her own!

With help from Jack Ryan – a rocket scientist (!) –  we have the Barbie we all know and love today.

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2. Barbie’s full name is Barbara Millicent Roberts.

The name “Barbie” was inspired by Ruth Handler’s daughter, Barbara, and later the “Ken” doll was inspired by her son Kenneth.

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3. She has had over 200 careers.

Throughout her lifetime, Barbie has taken on more than 200 different careers.

From astronaut to firefighter to rapper…

Barbie has shown us how girls can be anything they want to be!

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4. Barbie has lots of family and friends.

Over the years, Barbie has welcomed many people into her dream world including family members:

Skipper, Stacy and Chelsea. Not forgetting her many friends such as Theresa, Summer, and Nikki.

5. Barbie has had many fashion makeovers.

Barbie is known for her fashion forward style – glamorous gowns, iconic swimsuits, and fabulous pyjamas.

But did you know, Barbie is a superhero as well?

In 2019, Barbie dressed up as X-men characters Mystique, Dark Phoenix, and Storm.

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6. Barbie has been to space.

Barbie has been to space multiple times – in 2021 she took a zero gravity flight.

In April 2022 Mattel sent two dolls into orbit in collaboration with the National Space Station for “Mission Dream Star” and in October 2022, astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti took her lookalike Barbie to the space station!

This means Barbie is the first doll to ever reach space.

Learn about space missions here!

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7. ‘Barbie Pink’ is Barbie’s signature colour.

Barbie is well known for her collection of pink – from cars to shoes to houses.

In fact during the filming of 2023 “Barbie” so much pink was used it caused a world shortage!

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8. Barbie has run for president six times.

Barbie first ran for president in 1992 but unfortunately hasn’t won any elections yet.

Perhaps next year?

Find out the difference between a prime minister and a president!

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9. She has visited over 150 countries.

Since Barbie’s creation in 1959 Barbie has been sold in over 150 countries.

This makes her the most popular doll in the world.

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10. Barbie is a cultural icon.

Barbie is featured in exhibits; museum displays and even several Barbie themed attractions all over the world.

Her pop culture impact is undeniable.

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There you have it, 10 fascinating facts about Barbie! From her creation by Ruth Handler to her extensive career choices and enduring popularity, Barbie continues to inspire YOU to dream big.

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Top 10 Facts

From the Tudors to rocks to fish, we have all the best facts right here!

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