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Top 10 Facts About Queen Victoria!

Do you want to learn about Queen Victoria? Check out these top 10 facts...

Queen Victoria was the Queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland from 1837 to 1901. She is remembered as one of the country’s greatest and most influential leaders.Through her reign, she left a mark on British history and culture. In honour of her legacy, here are 10 fascinating facts about her life and reign.

1. How long did Victoria reign for?

Queen Victoria was the Queen of England between 1837 and 1901.

Behind our Queen, Queen Elizabeth II, she is the second longest reigning monarch of the United Kingdom.

She reigned for 64 years.

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2. Queen Victoria was born in London.

She was born at Kensington Palace, London, in 1819.

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3. German was Queen Victoria’s first language.

Queen Victoria’s Mother was from Germany and her Father was from England.

She spoke German until she was age 3, and then started to learn English!

In fact, she was brilliant at languages and also knew how to speak French, Italian, Latin and Hindustani.

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4. Queen Victoria was only 18 when she became Queen!

Queen Victoria became the Queen when she was only 18 years old. This was in 1837!

She then had her coronation in Westminster Abbey in June 1838.

This is when the formal ceremony of placing the crown on the monarch’s head takes place.

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5. Victoria had a big family.

Queen Victoria had a very big family.

She had 9 children in total. They were:

Princess Victoria Adelaide Mary Louise (1840-1901)
Prince Albert Edward Wettin (1841-1910)
Princess Alice Maude Mary (1843-1878)
Prince Alfred Ernest Albert (1844-1900)
Princess Helena Augusta Victoria (1846-1923)
Princess Louise Caroline Alberta (1848-1939)
Prince Arthur William Patrick (1850-1942)
Prince Leopold George Duncan (1853-1884)
Princess Beatrice Mary Victoria (1857-1944)

She also had 42 grandchildren!

That’s a lot of birthdays to remember…

6. Did the Queen have any hobbies?

Yes! She had lots of hobbies.

Queen Victoria loved to paint and draw.

She also loved going to the opera and singing!

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7. The Queen wore black from 1861.

Sadly the Queen’s husband, Prince Albert, died in 1861.

Victoria mourned him for the rest of her life.

She wore black ever since that day.

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8. Victoria didn’t just rule over the United Kingdom.

During her reign, the British Empire included Australia, South Africa, India, New Zealand and Canada.

She ruled over these countries too!

9. The Victorian age was named after Queen Victoria.

If you have ever wondered why the Victorian age is called the Victorian age, it’s because of Queen Victoria!

This is the time period of when she ruled.

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10. Queen Victoria died in January 1901.

Queen Victoria is now buried in Windsor, at the Frogmore Mausoleum.

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CC: Queen Victoria by Alexander Bassano (NPG x13844 © National Portrait Gallery, London)

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