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Top 10 Facts About The Stone Age!

Do you want to know more about the Stone Age? Well you've come to the right place! Check out these 10 facts about the Stone Age...

The stone age is the earliest period of human culture, where stone was first used to make tools.

1. The Stone Age began around 2.5 million years ago

It may have started millions of years ago but it only ended in 2500BC, that was just 4,520 years ago!

2. There were 4 different types of humans in the stone age

Seems strange to think there were different types of human (I thought there was only one right?) but it’s true!

There were…

  • Tool-makers (called homo habilis)
  • Fire-makers (called homo erectus)
  • Neanderthals (called homo neanderthalensis)
  • Modern humans (called homo sapiens). That’s us!

They also created artwork…

3. In the early stone age, humans lived in caves

Yes, they didn’t have house’s yet – caves were the best they could do.

Later on in the Stone Age they did start to build huts made out of wood and animal skins and then towards the end of the stone age, they started to build permanent places to live – with a roof!

4. The only two things humans had to do was to look for food and protect themselves from wild animals

That’s right, no school to go to or homework to complete or chores around the house to do. The only thing they had to worry about was finding food to survive and not being eaten by wild animals!

5. Humans learnt to farm during the Stone Age

Early on in the stone age, humans hunted animals and gathered fruits and nuts.

By the end of the stone age period, they learnt how to farm. They grew crops including maize, wheat and barley!

6. Humans used animal skins to keep them warm

That’s right! Humans used to take the skin off animals and use that to keep them warm.

Humans hadn’t figured out how to make warm clothes yet so they had to find a way to stay warm when it got cold. Especially as they wouldn’t be able to just turn the radiator on.

7. Some of the animals that lived in the stone age are now extinct

There used to be lots of animals around in the Stone Age that just don’t exist anymore. We either killed them all or they couldn’t adapt to the changing world well enough to survive.

Some animals that are now extinct include the Woolly Rhinoceros, Woolly Mammoth, Cave Bear and Giant Deer.

They also had some animals that we still see today like sheep, wolves, hyena, hippopotamus and wild boars.

8. Stone Age people made their own tools

They weren’t very advanced and mostly made out of stone (which is why we call it the Stone Age), but they made tools like stone or wooden clubs, bone needles, bone flutes, stone axe, stone knife and even a bow and arrow.

9. Modern man appeared around 200,000 years ago!

Modern man is what we are, they are just humans.

In history there were a few different types of human but it was around 200,000 years ago that humans like us started to appear.

Modern humans are also called Homo Sapiens.

10. Dogs became domesticated in the stone age

Before dogs were domesticated they would not have made good pets, they were wild animals!

It was in the Stone Age when humans started to domesticate them which means that they started living with humans.

Homo Erectus image from Cicero Moraes

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Top 10 Facts

From the Tudors to rocks to fish, we have all the best facts right here!

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