Fun Kids is changing its DAB coverage

You may need to change how you listen to Fun Kids

The way you can listen to Fun Kids has changed. If you’ve lost Fun Kids on your DAB radio then you may need to change how you listen.

However you listen, the radio station is still be available on our website, the free Fun Kids mobile app and on smart speakers.

The Fun Kids you love is staying exactly the same, with all your favourite presenters, songs and more!

Check out other ways to listen to Fun Kids here

Am I covered by DAB still?

If you live near London, Bristol, Birmingham, Liverpool, Manchester, York, or Lincoln, there’s a good chance you’ll be able to hear Fun Kids on DAB digital radio still but it depends on your signal.

The easiest thing to do is retune your radio. If you can’t find ‘Fun Kids’, you can try a different listening method instead. Find out more about the DAB changes here.

How are we going to listen in the car, if we can’t get it on DAB?

You can connect your phone into many car radios. Lots will allow you to connect your phone via Bluetooth. Download the Fun Kids app and then you can play Fun Kids through a Bluetooth connection. If you haven’t got Bluetooth, maybe you have an AUX socket? You can then get a cable to connect your phone through the Aux socket, and again open the Fun Kids App and play it through your car radio.

If you have a car with Apple’s Car Play, download the Fun Kids App to your phone, and it should appear in your list of car apps. Alternatively you can tune in through the Radioplayer or TuneIn apps.

It’s the same with Android Auto, if you download the Fun Kids App, we should appear in the app list on your car’s dashboard if your phone is connected.

Other ways to listen to Fun Kids

Check out other ways to listen to Fun Kids here

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