Listen to a clip from new book series Darkmouth by Shane Hegarty!

It’s the book that can‚Äôt wait to get its teeth into you!

We’ve been checking out the epic new¬†book series¬†Darkmouth!

Around the world, there are towns where the border between the human dimension and the dimension of Legends (also known as terrifying, human-eating monsters) is weak!

Luckily, Legend Hunters keep the population safe but for a while now the Legends have stopped crossing over…

Apart from in one place: Darkmouth, in Ireland where Legends have invaded the town and are trying to conquer the world!

Click here to listen to an clip from Darkmouth!

darkmouth del la rue

Our hero Finn is twelve years old and the last remaining Legend Hunter!

The only problem? He’s really not very good at it, no matter how hard he tries!

And there’s also a pretty extraordinary reason¬†why¬†it’s all gone a bit quiet everywhere else!

Sounds like it’s about to get pretty Legendary! (See what we did there?)

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