Alice Through The Looking Glass exclusive clip!

Get the movie on DVD and Blu-Ray Moday 3rd October!

b682441_3pa-1The sequel to the awesome Alice in Wonderland is out now on DVD!

Through the Looking Glass is all about Alice (obvs) and a magical looking glass that she discovers!

Said looking glass takes Alice back to the Underland where she finds the Mad Hatter acting EVEN madder than usual and he wants to find out the truth about his family.

Hatter isn’t in a good way because his family is missing after the Attack of the Jabberwocky!

So Alice takes it upon herself to track down Time himself and get her hands on the Chronosphere!

Her adventures take her through time and she comes across old and new friends and enemies at different points in their lives as she embarks on a race to save the Hatter before time runs out!

Alice Through the Looking Glass is released on 3D Blu-Ray a& DVD on October 3rd!

Here at Fun Kids we’ve got our hands on a very exclusive bonus clip.

In the clip you get an introduction to Wilkins who is Time’s super smart servant.

Check out the clip below…

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