Brand new Fireman Sam series on Cartoonito!

Plus get some firework and bonfire safety tips below...

Fireman Sam and the Pontypandy rescue team are returning to save the day on land, at sea and in the air in the brand new action-packed series.

New to Fireman Sam is the arrival of Pilot Krystyna Kaminski and her all-new air and eco-electric fire rescue plane, FireSwift, which is located at the first-ever Pontypandy Airport. The kids of Pontypandy will also have a new friend to join them on their adventures, as 11-year-old Peter Kaminski comes to Pontypandy with his half-sister, Krystyna.

The firefighting team are also returning in brand-new uniforms, with even Radar getting in on the action with his own Dog fire-fighting uniform vest and protective boots. There will be a whole host of nail-biting emergencies on land, at sea and in the air throughout the series!

From investigating the mysterious Ancient Pontypandy Way, high-flying adventures in the sky, to fighting fire along a community Fun Run route, the action never stops. There are search and rescue missions, ocean-cave rescues and festive adventures. PLUS the cadets discover the Moon Men are coming to Pontypandy!

Whatever the rescue, wherever the emergency, you can be sure that the Rescue Team of Pontypandy will always be there to save the day and teach you important safety lessons.

Tune in to the new Fireman Sam Series 14 exclusively on Cartoonito, weekdays at 4.30pm.

Stay safe with these bonfire and firework safety tips from Fireman Sam!

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