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The rescue teams of Pontypandy are back with more heroes, emergencies and adventure in the brand new Fireman Sam, starting 4th October at 5pm on Cartoonito!

New to the show is Jodie Phillips – a marine biologist, she is intelligent, fearless and a natural athlete using her custom prosthetic legs on land and sea. When she isn’t collecting data on marine life in the Welsh seas she is aboard the new Hovercraft helping Ocean Rescue!

Pontypandy Police also has brave new recruits – Police Dog Shadow and Police Horse Kilo. Police Dog Shadow is an expert search and rescue dog, loyal and energetic ready for every emergency with a snazzy selection of uniform and accessories. Police Horse Kilo, calm, proud and strong with a penchant for carrots will do all he can for his rider and care-giver Police SGT. Rose Ravani.

Do you want to join Fireman Sam and the team? Download the β€˜Light Up Your Hero’ Training Manual, complete the 5 challenges. Attempt the challenges, collect the stickers and earn your Hero Certificate!

Good luck Fireman Sam Cadets!

Download the training manual here

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