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LEGO® DREAMZzz™ is a wondrous world where dreams become real, ordinary kids become extraordinary and creativity is a super power!

Follow the adventures of school friends, Mateo, Izzie, Cooper, Logan and Zoey, as they join a secret agency and learn to use the power of imagination to journey into the dream world.

They soon discover that the Dream World is under attack by the tyrannical Nightmare King and learn that every dream creature, dream realm and dreaming kid is in danger until the group can figure out a way to defeat him!

LEGO® DREAMZzz™ series is available to watch on the LEGO YouTube channel from May 15th, 2023 here at 5pm GMT. 

Season one will also be available to stream on Amazon Prime, Netflix, ITVX and Sky.

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Mateo – a visionary artist that lacks confidence.

A creative genius and Izzie’s older brother, Mateo (a.k.a Teo) is a talented artist who loves designing his own superhero comic books. His favourite thing to draw Is Z-Blob, a cool character he created. Although he sometimes lacks confidence in his own abilities, he has a big heart and is always prepared to help his friends. Luckily, he has a trusty sidekick in the form of Z-Blob, who’s brought to life in the dream world!

Izzie – A free spirit that lacks focus.

A natural comedian and Mateo’s little sister, Izzie is an energetic goofball who’s confident, curious and adventurous. Her great intuition and kindness make her a great friend to the other dreams, but her tendency to act without thinking sometimes puts them in danger. She looks up to Mateo, is best friends with Nova and loves plushies, anime and – more surprisingly – scary monsters (because she wants to hug the stuffing out of them!).

Zoey – a rocking musician that lacks trust.

The new girl at Francine Wooley Middle School and Mrs. Castillo’s neighbour, Zoey is brave, daring and confident in her own abilities. She’s a talented musician who enjoys marching to the beat of her drum but sometimes struggles to be a good team player because she likes to do things solo. In the dream world, she’s known as the mysterious Dream Bandit and uses her magic clock relic to alter time and help innocent dream creatures and misplaced dreamers.

Cooper – a master builder that lacks imagination.

Cooper (known as Coop) lives across the street from Mateo and Izzie and is Logan’s best friend. Level-headed and logical, he’s savvy with tech and thrives off solving puzzles. He also loves cars and awesome vehicles and wants to dream craft them. His eagerness to make others happy makes him popular at school, but it also means he’s sometimes taken advantage of.

Logan – a star athlete that is limited creatively.

A star athlete and avid gamer, Logan is a competitive thrill-seeker who’s very confident in his own abilities. He’s best friends with Cooper and has a secret crush on Zoey – he thinks everything she does is badass! Logan may not be as creative as the other dream chasers, but his bravery and quick-thinking make him an important member of the team.

Mr. Oz – a stellar scientist with unfulfilled potential.

Mr. Oswald (known as Mr. Oz or simply Oz) is the kids’ high school science teacher at the Night Bureau. Kind-hearted but a little disorganised, his mind is brimming with knowledge of both worlds. In the dream world he becomes his most creative, laid-back self while his scientific side manifests as Albert – a hyper intelligent space-faring chimpanzee!

Mrs. Castillo

An eccentric and wise old lady, Mrs. Castillo runs a popular food truck that offers an ever-changing menu. She has a habit of serving cryptic advice alongside the orders and, once you get the hang of the decoding it, you’ll realise that she’s one of the wisest characters around, even though she’s rather forgetful! In the dream world, you’ll find Mrs. C popping up frequently as a traveller with a fantastical caravan full of wondrous trinkets.


Z-Blob is Mateo’s lovable, goo-based, shape-shifting artistic creation who’s brought to life in the dream world. Adventurous, loyal and always hungry, he has lots of love to give and is very curious when it comes to the other sidekicks and animals. He has the rare ability to exist in both worlds, making him an awesome companion. Mateo likes to transform Z-Blob into warriors and vehicles to help save sleeping children from the Nightmare.


When they enter the dream world, Mr. Oz’s type-A, engineering focused side manifests as a space-faring chimpanzee called Albert. Refined and elegant, he is Mr. Oz’s constant champion in the dream world and – although he can be a little impatient and short-tempered – he proves very popular with the kids. Izzie constantly wants to hug him, Cooper wants to talk to him about cool vehicles and he gets along well with Mateo, who reminds him of a young Oz.


A plushie bunny that’s based on her favourite anime series, Bunchu is transformed from a fluffy rabbit toy into a ferocious beast in the dream world. Izzie rides him into battle to save captive dreamers from the Nightmare King and, although he cannot speak, he’s very emotive and full of energy. He may be a little out of control at times, but he’s totally adorable.


Zian is a giant cat-owl hybrid who Zoey befriends in the dream world and rides to and from her cavern in the fantasy realm. He’s loyal and protective of Zoey, but also has a real soft spot for Izzie, who obviously wants to hug him tight. His silhouette is often patrolling the skies of the dream realms and he’s always on the lookout for valuable dream artifacts to steal. He’s also always ready to swoop in and save dreamers in distress!

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