Check out LEGO® Juniors NINJAGO™ Snake Showdown!

Take down Lasha the Snake Villain!

snakepromorightHere at Fun Kids, we’ve been trying out the new LEGO® Juniors sets out now! Check out LEGO® Juniors NINJAGO™ Snake Showdown! Click here to find out more!

Get ready to fight evil! Lasha the Snake Villain wants to take the Golden Snake Staff. Don’t let him get away! Build the LEGO® Juniors NINJAGO™ Snake Showdown and help Kai battle Lasha!

Quickly build Kai’s car and get ready to fight Lasha for the staff! Watch out for the super-hot flames! Now drive Lasha away on his motorbike and save the day.

LEGO® Juniors sets are perfect for if you’re 4 – 7 years! They’re easy to build, and come with easy-to-follow instructions so you can get playing right away!

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