Check out LEGO® Juniors NINJAGO™ Lost Temple!

Recover the Sword of Fire and stop evil in its tracks!

templepromorightWe’ve been playing with the latest LEGO® Juniors sets here at Fun Kids! Check out the LEGO® Juniors NINJAGO Lost Temple! Click here to find out more!

Oh no! Lasha, the Snake Villain, is after the Sword of Fire hidden in the Lost Temple. Put together the easy-to-build Lost Temple and help Lloyd to get there first!

Watch out for the scolding-hot lava, razor-sharp saw blades and the swinging axe! If Lasha gets there first in his helicopter, fly Jay in on his blue dragon and catch Lasha before he gets away!

LEGO® Juniors sets are perfect for if you’re 4 – 7 years old because they’re easy to build, and come with easy-to-follow instructions so you can get building right away!

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