LEGO to release sustainable bricks made from sugarcane in 2018

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LEGO are going to start making their really famous bricks out of plants, they’ve said!

Some pieces coming out in 2018 will be made from sugarcane, a plant that can be found growing around the equator. 

The manufacturers will mix the sugarcane with a couple of other ingredients to make something called¬†a ‘bio-plastic’.

‘Bio-plastics’ are a type of plastic which can be recycled over and over and over again.

The new pieces are therefore more environmentally friendly than the older ones.

Although LEGO says they new pieces are going to be just as durable, they¬†will be slightly flexible because the plastic isn’t as strong as the current sort they use.

Part of the reason LEGO bricks are so tough is because they’re currently made with¬†a really strong plastic, made from oil.

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LEGO says they want to cut down on the amount of plastic they’re making because lots of it isn’t being recycled.

The new pieces will all be nature-themed and will be add-ons to your LEGO builds.

They’ll be things like leaves, bushes and trees – and will start appearing in LEGO sets later this year!

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