Check out the tracklisting for the new Zeamu album – Zeamu Weekend!

The new Zeamu album is out now!

Meet Mina, Zak, Aki and Eva – who together are the Zeamus!

Eva is the singer, Aki’s on guitar, Zak’s at home on the drums and Mina plays the keys!

The band have been busy working on their new tracks at Zeamu HQ recently, writing lyrics and singing songs for a new album!

It’s now ready to go – just in time for half-term – and you can get the album Zeamu Weekend online now!

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Click here to get your copy of Zeamu Weekend!

These four popstars love lots of different styles of music – so whether you want to chill out or go out and party, there’s a Zeamus track for you!

One of our favourites at the moment is the tune It’s the Weekend!

You can get It’s the Weekend on the new Zeamu Weekend album. Here’s the full tracklist…

eva-01Zeamu Weekend tracklist

  1. Friend of Mine
  2. It’s the Weekend
  3. What Do You Want
  4. School
  5. Summer Holidays
  6. Doing the Robot
  7. Understand Me
  8. Beat the Bullies
  9. Aeroplanes
  10. Relatives

Click here to get your copy of Zeamu Weekend!

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