Check out VQ’s new Monty radio!

Style and substance.

Enter the RSBP’s Wildverse comp and not only could you get your poem read out on Fun Kids, you could also win a radio!

That would be handy – you could listen to your winning poem on the radio you won…

Click here to enter RSPB WildVerse 2018!

This is Monty, made by British radio brand VQ. It has complete DAB and DAB+ tech built in so you can listen to almost every radio station there is.

Monty also has Bluetooth baked in, meaning that once you’ve finished listening to Sean or Bex, you can connect to a phone, tablet, or anything else!

Whatever you chose to listen to, the ultra-wide stereo speaker and specially designed case will make it sound (and look!) great.

Click here to visit the VQ website!

And if you’ve always dreamed of being a DJ yourself, you can even play around with some of the sound settings!

Monty also features a dual alarm clock with adjustable snooze, countdown and sleep timer.

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