Wildverse 2020: Winners revealed, ages 8 and under

Find out the winners of the under 8's category here

Wildverse is the poetry competition for kids run by Fun Kids and the RSPB.

Every day this week on Fun Kids, we’re sharing the winners and runners up of the three categories.

You can hear them on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday just after 4pm.

Today it was the turn of the Under 8’s.

The winner was Am I too small? by Elliott, aged 6

Here’s the text of his poem:

Am I too small to save the bees? 
It’s a shame to lose them, can I help them please?
We planted some trees my mummy and me, 
The nectar they love and their home is the tree.

Am I too small to help I ask? 
My grandad said no and we set off on a task, 
We built a hotel for the bees to stay 
It has wooden tubes for them to play  

Am I too small to really help out?
My daddy said I can help without a doubt
Using less water in the garden is a good start
We have two water butts now, how smart! 

Am I too small to save a bee? 
I look in the garden at all I can see 
I’m not too small to help at all 
Can’t wait to make a difference even when I’m tall.

There were also two runners-up!

‘My Favourite Place’ by Nathaniel, aged 5

and ‘My daddy is a diver’ by Ruby-Tuesday, aged 7

My daddy is a diver
I wish that i could be
A diver like my daddy
Underneath the sea
Swimming with the dolphins
Dancing with the crabs
Gazing at the coral reefs 
That never look drab
Shrimps and clownfish playing on the coral and
stingrays flying high
I knew diving made daddy happy
Now I see why.

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