How Embarrassing… With Girl Talk Magazine!

You decide! Rate how cringey these OMG moments are!


TV Trouble!

After a gig, we were all walking off stage and there was a huge TV just behind the stage. All the girls ducked under, but not me! I bumped my head, cringe!

Leigh-Anne, Little Mix


Cake Cringe!

I was at a restaurant and had ordered the chocolate cake. Just as it was coming, I nipped to the toilet. As I came out, I sat down at my table and started stuffing my face with the cake. Turns out, I’d sat back down at the wrong table and was eating someone else’s chocolate cake!Blush!


Maisie, 12


Tutor Trauma!

I was at tutoring club with my BFF. As the tutor was talking, I trumped really loudly! My bestie laughed and my tutor said, “We all do it!” I wanted the ground to swallow me up!

Paige, 10


A Bum Note!

We were on the beach with the cast of Wizards of Waverly Place. I was in the ocean when a wave came and knocked off my bikini top! While I was tying it back up, another wave came and knocked off the bottoms! I was lucky though ‘cause only Selena and Jennifer saw it happen!

Demi Lovato


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