Infinty Nado launches in the UK with YouTube stars Tekkerz Kid and It’s Romello at The Entertainer in Birmingham!

Have you got the skills to win the Golden Nado?

After taking the rest of the world by storm, Infinity Nado is set to be the next big thing in the UK!

The highly addictive game gives you the chance to battle your friends and family and become the Nado Master.

Infinity Nado launches in the UK today (Monday 10th April) at The Entertainer store, Bullring, Birmingham.

The Entertainer are hosting a special event to mark the occasion, with YouTube stars and brothers Tekkerz Kid and It’s Romello showing off their Nado skills before battling 150 fans for their chance to win a limited edition Golden Nado.

For those outside of Birmingham don’t fear, The Entertainer will be hosting live demos across stores nationwide offering you the chance to battle other Nado Masters throughout the Easter holidays – as well as a 20% off promotion across the full Infinity Nado range.

With over twenty to collect, the Nado’s are available in different colours, materials and characters. The collection also includes a split series which separates into two when in action, to increase the level of attack on opponents.

To host battles there are two different playset arenas available that include one left and one right spin Nado and two launchers.

Click here to got to The Entertainer website!

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