Install the Amazon Echo Kid Skills to get more from Fun Kids, LEGO, Moshi Monsters and more!

You can turn the option on from the Alexa app!

If you have an Amazon Echo – one of those smart speakers you can talk to – then we have something awesome to tell you about!

Amazon have just launched a new place for kids skills and it’s available on all Amazon smart-speakers right now!

It’s totally free and includes stuff from brands like LEGO, Pac-Man, Moshi Monsters and the Beano.

The absolute best thing though is that you can now get Fun Kids through the optionΒ and we have some secrets up our sleeves just for you!

To get all of this amazing stuff on your Amazon smart speaker, get a grown-up to turn on the option from the Alexa app.

All you need to do is open the Alexa app on your phone or tablet and turn the Kids Skills option on from the settings menu.

Once you’ve got the new Kid Skills option turned on, test it out!

You can ask Alexa to play Fun Kids in the usual way,Β “Alexa, play Fun Kids”, and you can also ask what song is playing: “Alexa, ask Fun Kids what’s playing”!

You can find out more about the new smart skill by asking your smart-speaker “Alexa, what are your kid skills.”

Find out more about Fun Kids’ Alexa skill here!

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