Listen to the winners of Wildverse 2016 12-18s category!

The final winners are in!

This week we’re announcing the winners of the Wildverse poetry competition!

If you aren’t already clued up on what Wildverse is then listen up…

Every year we team up with the RSPB and Young Poets Network to give you guys the opportunity to have your brilliant poems read out on Fun Kids!

Click here to find out more about Wildverse!

You always send loads and loads and loads to us and judging is pretty tricky but the time has come to announce the winners!

It’s time now to reveal who won in the 12-18 category…

The runners up are:

Our Furry Friend by Isabel Gimson

Coronation by Lucy Purbrick

And the winner in the final Wildverse category for 2016 is…

The Salmon Jump by Niamh Kelly

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Check out the winners of the Under 8 category here!

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