Malou Prytz is Conor’s Next Big Thing!

Hear If It Ain't Love every day from 7:30pm!

Every week on Fun Kids, Conor picks a tune to crown his Next Big Thing.

It’s always a song that gets him up and moving and one that he thinks you’re going to love.

This week he’s gone for If It Ain’t Love by Malou Prytz!

Check it out below…

If It Ain’t Love is the brand-new single from Swedish artist Malou Prytz – the first since she released her debut EP β€˜Enter’ earlier in the year.

It was written by Isa Tengblad and Lasse Qvist, produced by Johan ThΓΆlin and Oskar Nyman.

Hear If It Ain’t Love every day this week from 7:30pm on Fun Kids!

Plus Conor will be counting down the top seven songs on the planet in the Pop 7 at 7, as voted for by you!

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