Meet Anna Louise’s new guard birds – A.K.A. guinea fowl!

Anna Louise tells us what's been happening on her farm this season!

When she’s not talking on the radio, Anna Louise is helping out on her mini farm!

There are loads of animals on the farm, including lambs, chicks, dogs… and the famous miniature horses!

It’s a busy time on the mini farm with some important, new additions… guard birds!

The guard birds are actually guinea fowl – and are there to guard the land!

They alert Anna Louise of any intruders that may walk onto the farm – including foxes!

This is really handy as there are free range chickens roaming round the paddock all day long and foxes are always a problem.

So far, they’re only young and are still working out what it means to be a guard bird.

They love hanging out with the chickens and roosting high up in the trees at night.

Hear all about the adventures of the guard birds & the strange noises they make during The Club with Anna Louise every weekend from 3pm on Fun Kids!


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