Meet the characters from Oddbods!

Find out about the seven below...

Embrace your inner odd!

The Oddbods are 7 very different and unique friends who together survive the perils of everyday life, unintentionally turning ordinary situations into extraordinary and always hilariously funny events.

Anything and everything can happen when the Oddbods are about!

Meet the Oddbods!

Pogo is allergic to the rules!

He’s the ultimate prankster and keeps everything entertaining.

His friends love his ability to turn anything into a practical joke …if only the joke wasn’t on them!

Fuse can go from ultra calm to ultra crazy in the click of your fingers!

He’s a sports fanatic who’s always up for a game, so long as he wins.

His friends love him because underneath that fiery exterior he has a heart of gold but try their best to avoid him when he is in a bad mood…

The odd-inventor, Bubbles loves to discover cool stuff. From insects under the Earth to UFO’s above and beyond, Bubbles is bubbling experiment about to go kaboom!

She’s a ball of boundless energy, always on the hunt for the next big breakthrough.

Her friends love her heroic nature but dislike when she ditches them for her own experiments…

Zee is our total favourite! He’s not a morning person at all!

Come to think of it, he’s not an afternoon, evening or night person either. He can eat while napping. Or nap while eating.

Most of all, Zee is amazing at doing nothing at all. His laid-back attitude towards everything is both his strength and his weakness when it comes to friendship…

Slick is the sort of person who believes you only live once! He’s uber cool until he tries to be…

A lover of tech, Slick’s friends find him totally adorable but question his dance moves.

Jeff is a really picky kind of person! He’s got the ability to create order in absolutely everything.

Jeff’s got an eye for spotting the tiniest dust particle and an even better eye for good art.

His friends love his attention to detail (he’ll never forget your birthday) but sometimes he wishes he was more spontaneous!

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Newt absolutely love sweets! Maybe that’s why she’s so sweet to everyone all of the time!

Curious and girly, she’s always hanging out with friends and loves taking selfies.

Her friends love her sweet nature but know to beware her pretty eyes when she is trying to get her own way!

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