Meet Mina, Zak, Aki and Eva from Zeamu!

Learn about what the band get up to!

Meet Mina, Zak, Aki and Eva – who together are the Zeamus!

Eva is the singer, Aki’s on guitar, Zak’s at home on the drums and Mina plays the keys!

The band have been busy at Zeamu HQ recently working on their new album Zeamu Weekend – which is out now!

Click here to view the tracklisting for Zeamu Weekend!

If you don’t who the Zeamus are yet, then here’s some facts about the band!

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Eva is bubbly, chatty and always singing!

In fact, she can burst into song almost anywhere!

Even though she’s bursting with energy, she is also sensitive and is good at cheering people up (usually by making up a great song)!

She can also play the saxophone!


aki-01Aki is a cheeky chappy who’s feisty and funny!

He doesn’t always say the right thing and sometimes gets himself into trouble because of it!

When he feels down, he rocks out on his guitar and sings along to indie music in the treehouse!

He also loves making videos for the band!


zac-01Zac is a dude who is more comfortable in the background!

He’s kind, relaxed and is happiest behind his drum kit – wearing his shades and hat!

You can often finding him sketching down ideas for songs or drawing new designs for his skateboard.

His favourite colour is orange!


mina-01Mina is cool and confident and always has great advice for her friends!

Mina’s really good on the keyboards and the trumpet!

She’s also pretty sporty and loves playing football and riding her BMX bike – she can even do some tricks!

Mina is also a brilliant street dancer!

Click here to go to the Zeamu Music website!

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