Meet the Molly Monster characters Molly and Edison!

Molly Monster is in UK cinemas now!

Molly Monster is getting a sibling! She’s super excited and has even knitted a little bobble hat!

Now, monster babies don’t arrive overnight. In Monsterland, the mothers lay the eggs, and the fathers keep them warm, all the way to Egg Island, where monsters are hatched.

But Molly’s sad to find out she’s too young to go along for the ride… and to make matters worse, she discovers Papa has forgotten the baby’s bobble hat!

So with her best friend Edison, Molly sets off on a journey to find her parents – that ends up being longer and more difficult than anything she could have imagined!

Molly Monster is perfect for pre-school children and it’s in UK cinemas now!

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Molly is a cheerful, friendly, life-loving little monster who is loved by all of the Monsters in Monsterland and of course by her parents. She spends her days playing with her best friend Edison, a clockwork toy with a life of its own.

Molly is very much looking forward to becoming a big sister. But when Mama gives birth to an egg (which papa must hatch), Molly is sad when her parents tell her that that she can’t make the long journey to Egg Island with Mumma and Papa.

She wants to prove to her Mum and Dad that she can be trusted now more than ever.


Edison is Molly’s best friend and is a playful, independent, free spirit.

With his cheeky and rebellious nature, he sometimes gets Molly in trouble. Edison becomes jealous when Molly finds out the exciting news that she is going to be a big sister.

Edison joins Molly on her journey to Egg Island and Molly assures him that she will always be his best friend.

Molly Monster (rated U) is released in cinemas across the UK 21st April 2017 and in Ireland 14th April 2017.

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