Poptropica launch free new game Poptropica Worlds created by Diary of a Wimpy Kid creator Jeff Kinney – and you can play it now!

You can play Poptropica on your phone, tablet or on the web!

There’s a brand new game for you to play!

Poptropica has just launched Poptropica Worlds – a new virtual world for you to explore!

It’s been created by Jeff Kinney, the author of the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series.

In Poptropica Worlds, you’ll experience daring quests, uncover wild new civilizations, and solve fascinating mysteries.

For the first time, Poptropicans can have their own house that they can decorate however they like.

Whether you have a more elegant taste or you’re a sports nut, we give you the ability to come up with a unique décor that speaks to you. Check out the store and see all the options for personalizing your home!

Your very own unique home base will be an extension of your Poptropican that reflects the adventures you choose within the game.

Explore your very own House, take a swim, and be sure to find the Captain – he’ll tell you how to earn precious coins that let you buy cool stuff for your House and create awesome outfits for your Poptropican!

You can customise your Poptropican in loads of amazing ways to create an avatar that truly shows off your unique style and interests.

You will be able to dive into new islands too, like Crisis Caverns!

In this adventure, you must stop a deadly supervolcano that threatens Poptropica! Dive deep into the earth and explore areas (and maybe even civilizations) that have yet to be discovered.

And you can play Poptropica Worlds on the web or your phone or tablet – it’s the same game, wherever you go!

Oh, best of all, it’s free to play – so what are you waiting for?

Click here to play Poptropica Worlds!

If you’re on a phone or tablet, click here to play on iOS or click here to play on Android.

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