Nintendo announce Mario Kart Tour, a new mobile game for Apple iOS and Android coming March 2019!

Find out more below!

Nintendo are making loads of mobile apps right now!

First there was Pokémon GO, where strolling around your neighbourhood in the real-world helped you come face-to-face with Pokémon in a digital one.

Then there was Animal Crossing Pocket Edition, where you could open your own campsite and invite people from all over the world to stay!

Now Nintendo have announced that Mario Kart is coming to iOS and Android devices!

Mario Kart’s a racing game that has been around for ages and it’s going to be really exciting to see how Nintendo bring it to mobile.

We don’t really know too much about the game yet as it’s just been announced.

We know that it’s expected to be called Mario Kart Tour it’ll definitely feature some fast cars, classic booby-traps and awesome tracks.

Nintendo did also hint that the game might hit your phones and tablets by the end of March 2019 on social media…

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