Preview The Twits Audiobook!

Listen to the revolting tales of Mr and Mrs Twit!

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If you love Roald Dahl’s books, we have some super exciting news for you!


There’s a Twits app out now, and it’s called the House of Twits!ย There’s loads of mischief and mayhem to be had! You can explore all of the rooms in the revolting house, including the filthy kitchen and the ghastly bathroom, and score points by making spaghetti worms or tugging Mr Twit’s beard!

You can download the House of Twits app right now. Click here to find out more!

To get you ready for all of the mischievous fun to be had in the House of Twits, we’ve got some exclusive previews of The Twits Audiobook for you to listen to.

The Twits Audiobook is out now. Click here to find out more!

Click play below to hear a clip!