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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to bounce, bounce, bounce along inside a giant bubble? How about a hike in a tropical jungle? Or what goes in a top secret superhero lair?

Armchair Adventures is a super fun (and a little bit bonkers) interactive podcast about Connie and her gang of plucky explorers.

15-year-old Connie has found herself stuck at home because of the coronavirus. Boo! She lives with her parents in a flat above their family run travel agents in Manchester. But with all the holidays cancelled, the business is in major trouble! BIG MASSIVE sad face.

Connie knows she has to do something or they could end up going bust! So, she reaches out to her amazing customers and together, they come up with an alternative approach to a traditional vacation. All it takes is a little bit of imagination.

Whilst you’re listening to Armchair Adventures you’ll be moving and singing along, you’ll visit magical places, meet extraordinary people and understand the world a little better as you embark on a journey of your weird and wonderful imagination!

PLUS take part in lots of competitions and activity packs too! All without leaving your front room – which is really handy at the minute right?

A new adventure is released every month! Join Connie and the gang by simply searching ‘Armchair Adventures’ wherever you get your podcasts, including Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts and Spotify.

You can also listen on your smart speaker by asking Alexa or Google very nicely to play ‘Armchair Adventures Podcast’!

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