Ben Miller has escaped from the Fun Kids studio!

The winner has been revealed...

Ben Miller visited Bex in the studio to chat about his brand new book “The Night We Got Stuck in a Story”, but when they were leaving the door slammed behind Bex and Ben got STUCK.

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What happened next was up to you…

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Lauren helped Ben to escape with an amazing story and has been chosen as the winner! Read Lauren’s story here:

Ben strode into the Fun Kids studio, his new book tucked underneath his arm proudly. Bex beckoned him in, her smile spread wide across her face. Then the trouble was set in stone. In a blink of an eye they were live. Ben introduced his new book to his adoring fans. Bex gestured for him to give them a sneak peek of his stunning new book and being a very kind man, Ben started to explain his nail biting, magical and thrilling book. 

After a couple of minutes Bex dropped in her very first brain twisting riddle. But of course Ben Miller was a riddle solving machine and crushed the riddle like a crisp. But the second one caught Ben off guard and put was on the spot. So Ben had nothing else to do but yield his raining score and hand it over to Bex.

Disappointingly the live had stopped, but Ben wasn’t free yet because Bex had delayed him from leaving so soon because she had grasped the opportunity to get Ben to sign what Bex said to be a couple books to sign but the way she said it Ben knew it wouldn’t be, but being so thoughtful he agreed. Bex whipping back her hair and straightening her glasses gave a simple smile and calmly walked out of the room to go fetch them not before gently shutting the door behind her.

A couple minutes later, Ben was still waiting patiently in the room, Ben having to wait so long staring at the same boring surroundings for what seemed to be ages, spent a couple minutes spinning round in his chair and wondered what was Bex doing? He let out a frustrated sigh and hurled himself to his feet and plodded over to the door. Yanking it up and down the handle, Ben realised that it was no use because it was locked tight. As his back pressed against the wall he allowed his body to slide to the floor. He gathered his knees to his chest and what he hoped not to be a girly scream (but in reality it was very girly scream) escaped Ben’s mouth. With no answer he let out a long sad sigh. When all of a sudden a thought rushed into his mind. I’m Ben Miller! Surely I could write myself a way out of this sticky situation! An idea broke through Ben’s mind. Rushing over to the window, flinging up the shutter and desperately searching outside the window yet to discover that there was no one outside the window, it’s just silly! 

*A fizzing electrical noise!!!!* This drew Ben’s attention away from the plain window. His head peered over to where the sound was conjured from! Blue, purple and pink sparks were flung out of the microphone. Rushing over to the microphone hoping, that was his way out, but to his disappointment when he reached the microphone the magical ‘sparks of hope’ had vanished. He let out a disappointed sigh. 

Then Ben had a light bulb moment. Staring intently at his 5 star new book Ben decided that he couldn’t do anything until Bex came back, so with one thing in his mind and one thing only. He grabbed his new book off the table where it had been patiently waiting for Ben to retire to its pages.

All of a sudden, two green, bright, violent, yellow sparks flew themselves out of the microphone for the final time. So with the final distraction put aside he began to read then everything went black!

Suddenly, his eyes adjusted to the bright arrays of colors after being in darkness for a while. Searching his surroundings it came across to him that he was in a house. ”Where am I?” spluttered Ben. But there was no one to answer his forever stuck question. Suddenly a shady figure presented itself in the distant shadows. But to his surprise it was two figures not one. The first figure was the tallest and looked like a reasonably old kid, the other one was slightly shorter and looked a little bit younger than the first one. As soon as their faces emerged from beneath the shadows, he instantly recognised who they were. They were the characters from his story book, Alana and Harison!

He looked around to see if it was only them but to his surprise, when he turned around, they were no longer there but instead they were making their way up the tree, outside!

”Wait up, where are you going?” yelled Ben. But just like before there was no response. So he just ran outside up to the base of the tree. Gazing up at the skyscraper tall tree he realised that he would have to climb it whether he liked it or not, every step and spot Ben moved his foot to could have caused him to topple backwards and back to the start which would be a total waste of time! But he kept pushing on even when he didn’t know where to put his foot. After 3 to 5 minutes he had reached the top. There was Alana and Harrison standing still, open mouthed staring at the beautiful surroundings at the top of the tree. But before he could catch his breath a gust of frosty white snow swallowed Alana and Harrison whole. Before Ben could do anything, the snow had cleared and they were gone and there, standing  in the two kids’ places was a humongous spider which he knew instantly was the one, the only, Spider Queen!

”Well hello there Mister Ben! I have been expecting your arrival! Now, if you ever want to get back to your universe, you better answer all  these riddles right or you will be stuck here with me for eternity, so answer them right or else!” said the Spider Queen coldly, pacing the room with a wicked grin on her face.

”Here are your riddles: What has 4 legs in the morning, 2 legs in the afternoon, and 4 legs at night?” cackled the Spider Queen.

”I know this one better than the Fun Kids studio, the answer is a human,” cheered Ben jumping up and down in excitement.

”Fine! You got that one correct, but this one is way harder! What has a head but no hair, you’ll never get this one Ben,” chanted the Spider Queen crossing her arms and striking out her tongue like a 4 year old.

”You’re right this would be hard if I had not heard it before. It is pin and I know I’m right,” exclaimed Ben with a sort of pride in his voice. 

“Okay, I’ll admit that you are pretty good at these riddles but I bet that this one – the cat will get your tongue, are you ready little Shakespeare? The next riddle is on the horizon… what goes from Z to A? You’ll never ever get this one,” said the Spider Queen taking a deep breath.

”Wait I know! It’s found in a zoo… it is a zebra,” chanted Ben Miller, thinking he may have gotten this question wrong then he would be stuck here forever.

Stamping her foot the Spider Queen breathed, ”Fine! You’re free, you passed my riddles of three here is your key.” Stepping forward the Queen laid the key in his sweaty hands. Then, one final time, everything when pitch black!

“Ben, Ben, Ben come on, wake up,” whispered Bex gently shaking him by the shoulders, slowly as the world came back into focus.

”Wha?! Where is the Spider Queen and the key?” breathed Ben with a bit of a tremble in his voice, still in his spinny chair.

”What do you mean,” said Bex looking a bit surprised at the question. It was then Ben realised it had all been a dream.

”Oh nothing I just wondered if you still want me to sign those books,” said Ben with a grin spreading across his beautiful face. 

And so, Ben, no longer trapped, had signed plenty of books for his wonderful fans, this made Bex extremely happy, said “Come on, let’s go, I know of a great place that does coffee and cake, my treat!”.

Lauren has won this EXCLUSIVE prize:

  • The brand new book The Night We Got Stuck in a Story
  • Your name and details of the competition will be printed in the paperback of The Night We Got Stuck in a Story, out in May 2023
  • Your story will be hosted on Ben’s website
  • A letter from Ben Miller
  • An event by Ben Miller at your school
  • Your story designed and printed

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