Lockdown Monkey Born In Chessington World of Adventure

Chessington World of Adventures have a pretty cool zoo at their theme park, and during lockdown a baby monkey was born there!

Meet Rainbow…

Rainbow is a Bolivian squirrel monkey, these monkey usually live in tropical forests in central and south America.

Why did they call it Rainbow?

They called it Rainbow because it was born two months ago, in the middle of lockdown, and they wanted support NHS workers that have been working to keep everyone safe throughout the whole lockdown.

Remember when everyone draw rainbows and put them in their windows to show their support for. the NHS workers? Well they are carrying on the support by naming their new monkey Rainbow too!

Is Rainbow a boy or a girl?

It’s too soon to know!

Rainbow is still really young so it’s been staying with it’s mum and dad so far. The vet will go in to check that Rainbows okay and figure out what the gender is, but until the parents have had plenty of time with Rainbow as it’s still just a little baby!

Have any other animals been born in lockdown?


Two other Squirrel monkeys have been born in lockdown, the others are called Mateo and Dorado.

Mateo, Dorado and Rainbow are already best friends!

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