New Spider-Man Series For Pre-Schoolers!

'Meet Spidey and his Amazing Friends' is available on Disney+ from Wednesday 21st July.

Everybody’s favourite neighbourhood Spider-Man is back with an awesome new series aimed at pre-schoolers.

Meet Spidey and His Amazing Friends is an animated action and adventure series, featuring ten super spectacular episodes.

The show is full of excitement and heroics as Spidey and his team discover what it takes to be a truly amazing superhero…do you think you have what it takes?

The series is the first from Marvel to be geared especially towards pre-schoolers and their families and each episode is filled with exciting and relatable themes and experiences for pre-schoolers such as teamwork and friendship, co-operation, problem solving and using your abilities to help others. 

You can watch Meet Spidey and His Amazing Friends from Wednesday 21st July on Disney+.

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