Carina Axelsson chats about her new book, Royal Rebel!

Listen below!

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On Tuesday 29th January, she had a chat with author Carina Axelsson!

It was all about her new book, Royal Rebel!

The book is about a girl called Lily who’s dreamed of being a fashion blogger but there’s just one problem… She’s a Princess – one day she’ll be Queen of Waldenburg!

And if there is one thing a future queen does not do, it’s vlog about fashion…

So she goes undercover to follow her passion!

Carina’s an author! She’s half Swedish and half Mexican and was born and raised in Northern California, which is in America.

After being a model, Carina took art classes at night school in Paris for two years. Soon after, she wrote and illustrated her first book, Nigel of Hyde Park!

When she’s not writing or drawing, she can usually be found reading or walking her cute dogs!

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