Hear Only Want You by Skylar Stecker!

It's Josh's Next Big Thing this week!

Each week, Josh picks a brand-new pop song to be his Next Big Thing!

It’s a tune he thinks could be huge – and that you’re going to love!

This week, he’s chosen Only Want You by Skylar Stecker!

You can hear this tune tonight from 7pm on Josh’s show!

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Skylar is 15-years old and from Florida in America!

In the video she dances along the Hollywood Walk of Fame, weaving in and out of people who seem really impressed by her moves!

Skylar plays Ridley in Season 4 of Austin & Ally and claims her influences include Bruno Mars and Beyoncé.

In the music video she wears a shirt saying “Only Want You” just in case you forget the name of the song!

You can hear Only Want You from 7pm on Fun Kids Radio with Josh!

Plus, Josh will be counting down the 7 biggest pop songs on the planet!

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