Interview: 2019 Children’s Laureate Cressida Cowell!

Listen below!

Last week, one of our favourite authors, Cressida Cowell, was announced as the new Children’s Laureate.

Bex got to chat to her all about what a Laureate is and what they do!

Cressida’s the author of How to Train Your Dragon and the Wizards of Once series.

The job of Children’s Laureate is to get children excited about books, reading and writing!

When she was announced as the Laureate, Cressida put forward loads aims. She said she had ten things she wanted to try and achieve. She believes that every child should be able to:

  1. Read for the joy of it
  2. Access NEW books in schools, libraries and bookshops
  3. Have advice from a trained librarian or bookseller
  4. Own their OWN book
  5. See themselves reflected in a book
  6. Be read aloud to
  7. Have some choice in what they read
  8. Be creative for at least 15 minutes a week
  9. See an author event at least ONCE
  10. Have a planet to read on

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