Interview: A.F. Harrold talks about The Book of Not Entirely Useful Advice

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Just after 5pm on Wednesday 7th October 2020 Bex spoke to A.F. Harrold all about his new book.

He is an English poet who writes and performs for adults and children.

He spends his time showing off onstage, writing poems and books, and stroking his beard (it helps churn the ideas).

He has a new book coming out called ‚ÄėThe Book of Not Entirely Useful Advice‚Äô.

Advice comes in many shapes. 
Poems come in many shapes. 
And so, it follows, poems of advice come in many shapes too. 
Sometimes they look you in the eye and say, ‚ÄėDo this! Don‚Äôt do that!‚Äô¬†
Sometimes they sidle up beside you and whisper, ‚ÄėHave you ever thought about¬†.¬†?‚Äô

Not everything in the book is necessarily good advice, and not all of it is sensible advice.

(But if you take the bad or un-sensible advice and don’t follow it, then it may become useful advice in its own way.)

Filled with colour illustrations and packed with silly rhymes, witty wordplay and thought-provoking story poems, this collection will delight children of all ages.

Hear A.F. Harrold chat to Bex by clicking on the player above.

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