Interview: Andy Stanton chats about his play and brand new book in The Club!

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Andy Stanton is in The Club, chatting about his brand new book The Paninis of Pompeii! 

In the story, fart-trader Caecilius, his wife, Vesuvius, and their ten-year-old son, Filius, live in a bizarre world of accidental gladiators, pizza-emitting volcanoes and the legendary Ma-wol-n-f!

Youโ€™ll meet the household servant, Slavius; thrill at the misadventures of Barkus Wooferinicum and generally have an uproariously hilarious time of it all.

Full of ludicrous characters and outrageous word play โ€“ if you thought Mr Gum was weird, then get a load of the Ancient Pompeiians!

Plus we hear about his brand new stage show at the National Theatre, Mr Gum!

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