Interview: Anna Fargher chats to Bex about Umbrella Mouse to The Rescue!

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Just after 5pm on Tueday, 28th July 2020, Bex chatted to author Anna Fargher!

They talked all about her book, Umbrella Mouse To The Rescue.

In the story, young mouse Pip Hanway is in France as she continues fighting for the French Resistance group Noah’s Ark: a secret gang of animals operating beneath the feet of human soldiers, whose aim is to liberate France and secure the victory of the Allies.

Determined to reach her ancestral home of the Umbrella Museum in Italy, Pip hopes she can find long-lost family and a home.

But as Pip makes the perilous journey through occupied territory, she soon realizes that danger comes from all sides and that the enemy is all around, and she does everything she can to fight for her friends…

Hear them chat by clicking on the player above!

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