INTERVIEW: Jon Lomberg chats Voyager Golden Record

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Jon Lomberg is the artist of the Voyager Golden Record.

It’s a vinyl record that’s attached to the Voyagers 1 and 2 spacecraft containing sights and sounds from Planet Earth.

It’s got music from all over the world, the sounds of people, and there’s even a special way photographs were loaded onto it too.

He spoke to Dan to discuss its creation and how Jon’s artwork might be the first thing that aliens see from us.

Plus, Flex, a science coordinator at We The Curious science museum in Bristol joined us to tell us more about the record itself.

What’s on the Voyager Golden Record? Why was it made? And how long might it last?

On the 21st February 2022 we sent YOUR voices to space as part of Mission Transmission.

You can listen to Mission Transmission – our radio broadcast to deep space featuring YOUR voices here.

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