Interview: Nat Luurtsema talks about her hilarious new book, Opie Jones Talks to Animals

Hear Nat Luurtsema talking to Bex after 4pm on Thursday, 4th March!

Just after 4pm in The Club on Thursday, 4th March, Nat Luurtsema is chatting to Bex!

Nat will be talking all about her new book ‘Opie Jones Talks to Animals’.

The book is a hilarious new superhero series with an animal twist!

Opie Jones is normal 10-year-old who is more suprised then anyone when she is asked to join The Resistance – a team of superheroes who can read minds, and have a dastardly brainwashing villain to defeat.

It turns out the Opie can’t read human minds, but she can read animal ones!

Hear Nat Luurtsema chat to Bex after 4pm on Thursday, 4th March

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