Maisie Peters is Conor’s Next Big Thing this week!

Hear Stay Young every day at 7:30pm this week!

Every week on Fun Kids, Conor picks a tune to crown as his Next Big Thing!

It’s a song that he loves and one that he thinks might be huge in the coming weeks and months.

This week he’s gone for Stay Young by Maisie Peters!

Check out the video below…

Maisie showcases her talents on her YouTube channel, which currently has more than 40,000 subscribers.

On her YouTube channel, Maisie describes herself as a ‘singer-songwriter from Brighton who likes writing songs with too many words in them’!

She collaborated with singer and guitarist Tessa Violet on the original song “Good Intentions” in 2016.

Hear Stay Young every day at 7:30pm this week!

Plus, Conor will be counting down the seven hottest tracks in the world in the Pop 7 at 7, every day from 7pm!


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