Nadine Wild-Palmer chats to Bex about The Tunnels Below, her new book!

Hear them chat below!

Nadine Wild-Palmer has a brand new book out! The story is called β€˜The Tunnels Below’

On her twelfth birthday, Cecilia goes out with her parents and sister to celebrate with a visit to a museum.

On their way Cecilia drops the marble that her sister gave her as a present, and running to pick it up she is taken away on an empty underground train into a dark and deep tunnel.

The fun family outing becomes a much more serious mission when Cecilia finds that she and her marble have a very important role to play in freeing the inhabitants of the tunnels from the tyrannical rule of the Corvus.

Cecilia has to try and return to her family but it’s very dangerous.

Will her brave heart be enough to ensure she doesn’t stay trapped in the darkness for ever?

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