One Thought Away by Asher Angel ft. Wiz Khalifa is Conor’s Next Big Thing this week!

Hear the song every day at 7:30pm this week!

Every week on Fun Kids, Conor picks a tune to crown his Next Big Thing!

It’s always a tune Conor loves and one that he plays every day at 7:30pm.

This week he’s gone for One Thought Away by Asher Angel ft. Wiz Khalifa.

Check out the video below!

The 16-year-old actor and musician teamed up with Wiz Khalifa on the track, titled One Thought Away.

This is the first original track Asher has put out since “Chemistry” last year. Listen to that here!

If you didn’t know, Asher‘s new movie, Shazam!, is out now.

Hear One Thought Away every day on Fun Kids at 7:30pm!

Plus Conor will be counting down the Pop 7 at 7, seven of the hottest tunes on the planet right now!

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